Class 60s that have carried Depot Plaques

Loco Plaque Livery    
60001 HG FA    
60002 IM FP    
60006 LR FA    
TO FU    
  TO FML    
60010 HG FG   Not carried in traffic
60013 CF ?    
60015 BX FT    
  CF FT    
60017 SL FA    
  SL FU    
60018 SL FA    
  SL FML    
60019 SL FML    
60021 TE FM    
60028 IM FU plaques painted on  
  IM FEWS plaques painted on  
60029 CF FM    
CF FT    
60030 TE FM    
60031 TE FM    
60032 TO FC    
  CF FT    
60033 CF FP    
  CF FT    
60034 CF FM    
  CF FT    
60035 CF FM    
  CF FT    
60036 CF FM    
  CF FT    
60037 CF FM    
  CF FT    
60039 SL FA    
  SL FML    
60040 SL FA    
  SL FML    
60042 SL FA    
  SL FML    
60049 TE FM    
60050 TE FM    
  TE FU    
  TE FL    
60055 CF FT    
60062 CF FM    
  CF FT    
60063 CF FT    
60065 CF FP    
  CF FT    
60081 CF FM    
  CF FT    
60084 CF FT    
60090 TO FC    
  IM FEWS plaques painted on  
60092 TO FC    
  CF FC    
  CF FT    
60093 TO FC    
  CF FM    
  CF FT    
60096 CF FA    
  CF FT    
60100 Acton EW Very small plaques fitted above nameplates  

Key to Depot Codes:

BX - Buxton

CF - Cardiff Canton

HG - Hither Green

IM - Immingham

LR - Leicester

SL - Stewarts Lane

TO - Toton

TE - Thornaby

Key to Livery Codes:

EW - EWS red and gold

FA - Railfreight Construction

FC - Railfreight Coal

FEWS - Railfreight grey with large EWS bodyside sticker

FM - Railfreight Metals

FML - Railfreight grey with Mainline branding

FP - Railfreight Petroleum

FT - Railfreight grey with Transrail branding

FU - Railfreight grey unbranded

ML - Mainline Freight blue